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Jan 15, 2005


This is one movie you shouldn't watch if you still believe in the concept of parenthood or simply put, if you believe in the goodness of your child(children). The age, is thirteen, the location is the extremely competitive world of junior high, the subjects are two girls - one is a wannabe and another one is the queen bee(of the school, ofcourse).

The movie has a real life effect, a hand held camera helps heighten it, the characters are true to life. Infact one of the co-writers of the film, Nikki Reed plays an important role. It hurts me to think that each year thousand of kids in US pass thru' this age, which is akin to a teenage hell hole. I am glad I grew up elsewhere. Watch thirteen if you a kid/teenager in your house or if you are a kid/teenager still, even otherwise watch it for an excellent human character study. Kudos to Catherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed.