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Feb 19, 2005

House of Sand & Fog

One of the most original and unpredictable movies to come out of Hollywood in the recent times. All credit to the debutante director, Vadim Perelman.

House of Sand and Fog pits an immigrant Iranian family against a San Francisco resident who loses her house to the county due to the non-payment of some faux tax. Jennifer Connelly plays the lady who is evicted by the county, a situation partly due to her irresponsible life and negligence. Col.Behrani and his Iranian family buy the house from the county at dirt cheap price. Behrani is played by Ben Kingsley.

To start with, it is an amazing story(thanks to the writer of the novel from which the film was adapted, Andre Dubus III), which keeps the pace steady with the right amount of tension and great character development. Then the choice of characters or the actors who played the characters have been excellent. Ben Kingsley as the tough Iranian colonel justifies his Oscar nomination for the Best Actor. Jennifer Connelly and Shohreh Aghdashloo fortify the film with their strong screen presences. A thought provoking movie, a rare occurance in main stream media, a must watch.