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Feb 3, 2005


Kaazcha is supposedly one of the best Malayalam films that has come out in recent past. If this is the best, I am saddened by the state of the Malayalam movie industry. Kaazcha is directed by the newcomer, Blessy, who had served as assistant director to prominent Malayalam directors.

Maybe I have seen too many foreign movies, that I have become extremely sensitive to what is called serious cinema. But I could not find anything remarkable about Kaazcha except for its story and Mammootty's acting which is free flowing as always. The script, in a sense has lended mediocrity to the story which had all the potentials of being converted in to a decent film. Malayalam movie makers still don't know how to mold good child actors, with their cliched notions and unnatural dubbing they spoil the naturality of their roles. The story is revolutionary in the sense that it focus on a current issue and its impact on a small family. A little boy who had escaped Gujarat Earthquake of 2001 somehow reaches Kerala as a beggar and is rescued by a film operator, played by Mammotty. I have heard that Blessy is going to remake this movie in Tamil and instead of the earthquake he's going to film the story of a boy who escapes the tsunami.

Nowadays whatever comes out in Malayalam is stereotypical - either it is a comedy where things get really messed up and resolve in to an all-is-well-that-ends-well end or a love story aping Bollywood, but falling woefully short or a social commentary like this one with noble intentions but a script to spoil the soup.