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Feb 1, 2005


What is Page 3? In a newspaper, thats where the celebrities, their parties, their gossips and their photos hang out and the first step towards celebrity-dom is to make sure your head shows up in some corner in some photo on Page 3.

Page 3 is an alternative Hindi movie about a page three journalist, played by Konkana Sen Sharma whose job is to cover the parties of Mumbai glamor gods. Although Page 3 does not restrict itself to one party(it even covers funerals), it reminds me of the 1984 Govind Nihalani film, Party. Both movies have the same intention, to strip the glitter of the face of the glitterati and reveal their true nature. In Nihalani's Party, this revelations takes places thru' the conversations and the characters of a single party, whereas in Page 3, you follow Konkana to various parties, you live her life and that of her flatmates and arrive at the same conclusion - life is a bitch. Not a bad movie at all, one which relies on the content more and less on the technical aspects like cinematography or editing.