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Feb 7, 2005


Raincoat is like a play, the set hardly changes more than thrice throughout the movie, the number of characters is five, no more no less and it relies heavily on character development and realization.

The characters themselves have fitted snuggly in to their parts. Ajay Devgan as the unemployed guy, who comes to Calcutta seeking the help of his friends to set up a business,has acted extremely well. He has a past and the leading lady of his past drama, now lives in Calcutta, married to a rich man, her role is played by Aishwarya Rai. This is one of the few films where you can see Aishwarya free of her onscreen mannerisms and appears almost believable. Inspired from the O.Henry story, the Gift of the Magi, director Rituparno Ghosh has a slow moving, a very not-so Bollywood movie for the people fed high on a diet of drama and emotions, wonder how it fared at the box-office. My final opinion, a good movie for a rainy day.