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Feb 16, 2005

The Yes Men

This documentary proves the powers of the internet, more specifically the powers of owning a domain name related to a notorious organization as WTO( Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonnano are two computer dudes who own a website which imitated the original WTO site in form and layout, except that the content they delivered was/is intended to educate the readers about the real motives of WTO and the real meaning of globalization.

The tagline of the film goes, "changing the world one prank at a time." True to the word, when Andy and Mike start getting invitations to talk at seminars and lectures, from people who think they are the real WTO representatives and they make use of the opportunity to bring to light the not-so-noble services WTO delivers to developing nations, through their(Andy & Mike's) entertaining lectures and hilarious props.

The Yes Men is a crusade by a group of people against the evil practices of World Trade Organization in a satirical way so that the real sting is delivered in a sugar coating of humor, but they wish you to know the sting is there nevertheless and it is getting sharper. Yo, citizens of the developing world, this one is for you.