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Apr 23, 2005

Wings of Desire

It is unfortunate to start a review by mentioning the remake when the real one is so much better. But so is the ways of the world where everyone is aware of Hollywood movies than an obscure film from Germany or India.

The remake I am talking about is the Nick Cage starrer, City of Angels and the original is Wings of Desire directed by Wim Wenders. The story is about two angels watching over human beings in Berlin and one of them falls in love with a circus artist.

Scenes are shot in black and white and color, for angels see the world in black and white. The camera captures the angelic view of urban Berlin in swooping down and floating shots, thoughts of people are verbalized and this constitute most of the talking in the film. It is a poet's movie, as the thought passages in the script written by Peter Handke reflects. It might not have been a commercial success(I have no idea whether it was or not), but it is tribute to life - the life which can smell coffee, can taste metallic taste of blood on the lips and can touch an apple.