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Jul 31, 2009

Crazy Gopalan

Dileep in a new film, but the same old avatar. Street smart thief with a penchant for humor turned out to be a winning formula at the box-office for Dileep with the stupendous success of Meesha Madhavan. In Crazy Gopalan, the village burglar turns a tad high-tech, oxyacetylene torches and ultra sensitive speakers get involved. Salim Kumar plays Dileep's even more comic side-kick who has a sob-story to match the hero's as to how he got into the 'stealing' business.

Radha Varma is the new-comer heroine in director Dipu's version of modern Meesha Madhavan who goes by the name of Kattila Gopalan in rural circles and as Crazy Gopalan when he turns urban. Manoj K.Jayan is the suave suited villain who is also heroine's elder brother, albeit adopted. Dileep's and to some extent Salim Kumar's comic timing is impeccable and that should keep the movie afloat.