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Mar 13, 2010

Twin Sisters

Nominated for Foreign Film Oscar in 2003, Twin Sisters is typical Oscar fare. I consider these kind of films too polished, presenting the grim face of holocaust reality for 21st century living rooms. Some heart-wrenching tale in dark brown and sepia, usually rewarded with an Oscar nod at the end. To me all of them kind of look the same and I call these type of movies 'Oprafication of the Holocaust'. Twin Sisters,The Boy in Striped Pajamas are one of the recent ones I saw which fall into this category.

I hope Elie Weisel's Night won't be made into a film like this. It needs to be more raw, a bit different from the rest like Schindler's List was. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy these movies, they are eminently watchable, reminds the humanity once more of the horrible crimes committed during the reign of Hitler.

Twin Sisters as the title says is about twins sisters Anna and Lotte, separated and brought up in two countries during WW2. They find themselves aligned with opposing countries which affects their decisions and loyalties to each other as well.If you haven't watched many movies about the holocaust, this is a good starter. There is not many graphic scenes at all, pretty tame compared to many other WW2 movies.