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May 13, 2010

Take Care of My Cat

I love watching contemporary movies from different parts of the world. Many 'foreign' films that make it big in the western world are usually about themes that are done to dust already or about subjects that western audience can empathize with safely ensconced in their living room couches. In this context films about slums of the third world - like havelas of Rio or chawls of Mumbai and films about Japanese mobsters come to mind.

Sometimes some not-so-significant yet interesting movie will slip through the ranks of local film scene of a country and make it over to the West. Take Care of My Cat is one such film.

A coming of age film, centered around five new high-school grads, all girls living in South Korea. This 2001 film is the debut feature of Jeong Jae-eun. It is a peep into the world of modern Korean youth, from different strata of society trying to cope with their first brush with real life. An interesting film from the perspective of social scientist with a flair for movies.