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Aug 21, 2010


Extract is funny, funny in the way it portrays stereotypes. Since it is from Mike Judge you watch it with a certain expectation, it didn't fail me. It is the kind of movie you'd want to rent because it is not much about visual gimmicks but more about the story, characterizations and dialog.

Mila Kunis as the scheming beauty with a criminal record, Ben Affleck as the bar-tender jack-of-all-trades, Jason Bateman the innocent geek who is a company owner, Dustin Milligan's as gigolo Brad(that dude did some awesome acting for the small role he had), Clifton Collins Jr as Step are some of the distinct and well-developed characters in the movie.

It is hard to live up to the cult status of Office Space, but Mike Judge is trying. A nice movie for a popcorn and a movie day at home.