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Nov 24, 2010


Salman Khan or is it Arbaaz pulling the hare out of the hat, anyway Salim Khan's sons prove that they are indeed their father's sons, story tellers weaving tales out of India's heartland. At a time when most successful Bollywood flicks have stories set in the Western hemisphere, where dashing heroes in Armani jackets woo their heroines prancing around the planet in Jimmy Choos, Dabangg is set firm in Bhaiyya-land, UP(Uttar Pradesh.)

I have always thought that if Salman had any appreciable talent as an actor, it is his perfect comic timing. Right from his fledgling days in Andaz Apna Apna to Dabangg, he is at his most natural when his role has a slightly comic edge. For Dabangg he gets full stars in my book ( I have never been a big Sallu fan, but still) because not for once does he take his shirt off. Wah bhai wah, if you can exercise such control you surely do believe you have more talent than muscle mass.

Sonakshi Sinha, who plays Salman's love interest and Sonu Sood, the villian are good choices for their roles, make the whole story more believable. (Not to forget Arbaaz himself, he does get some good roles like the one in this, the fashion mogul in Fashion etc.) The story as such is not something we haven't heard before but it is the presentation and the presence and acting of Mr.Khan which make the impact. In Dabangg they have successfully translated the stereotypical old style Hindi movie in to a contemporary framework. Chulbul 'Robinhood' Pandey steals the show and probably the cash registers are still ringing in the cow belt. Good work, Abhinav Kashyap(director, script writer) and Arbaaz Khan Productions.



yeah.....he does go over the top when doing rona-dhona roles, i agree about his comic timings....but he did take his shirt off in the end. Surprisingly Arbaaz was not tried for planting the bomb, (anything can happen in cowbelt...i guess)....

You are right, deekay. He does take off his shirt in that final fight scene with Sonu Sood. I think I didn't notice because I fast forwarded it and also maybe because it was kind of like two pehalwans fighting and pehalwans usually don't wear shirts in their wrestling matches,right, so it didn't seem unnatural, unlike Salman's other chest bearing scenes.