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Mar 16, 2011

Mr.Smith Goes to Washington

Mr.Smith Goes to Washington is part of the Hollywood 101 curriculum, 101 Hollywood films you should watch to learn about Hollywood, well, that’s according to me. Directed by Frank Capra, this whistle blower of a movie established Mr.Smith aka James Stewart as one of the leading actors of the time. It is essentially the 1939 version of taking on the system from inside the system, the triumph of the small man against the gargantuan machinery of politics and money.

James Stuart fits the bill as the young naive Senator and carries the film through with Jean Arthur as his secretary.  This was also the time I saw a ‘filibuster-in-action’ which brings to mind the apparent increase of filibusters in the U.S.Senate in the recent past. Blame it on Mr.Smith, he started the trend.