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Mar 12, 2010

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

One thing I am certain, I have a liking for films made by Shimit Amin-Jaideep Sahni combo. They are like films that should be shown in film schools about how films should be made, IMHO. Though I don't think my opinion is shared by many Indian film goers because Rocket Singh tanked at the box office. If I could swish my fairy wand at the cash register, this movie would've put the Las Vegas slot machines to shame.

Ranbir Raj Kapoor is a natural at acting and even more natural when it comes to playing a Sardar (well mother's genes, what else, right?) He reminds me so much of Neetu Singh with a mustache and a beard.

Character development and choice of actors to play the roles is one of the most interesting and innovative approaches of Shimit Amin. He brings in people from God-knows-where, but all of them fit into their roles perfectly and I've not seen any of them in a significant role in any other film before. That was the case with his earlier venture, Chak De India and it is the same with this film. Both had a big name actor in the lead role and all the rest of the people are virtual unknowns although they have real meaty roles.

Rocket Singh is a portrait of the new urban India, entrepreneurial, bursting with ideas and gutsy. The characters are so original that you might have met them in Mumbai's suburban trains. Unlike formulaic Hindi films it doesn't veer from it course and end up being the run-of-the-mill running-around-trees-romance at any point of time, even the romantic sub plot is very subtle and not overly stressed. Good script, good direction, good movie. 4.5/5 stars.