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Jul 8, 2003

Majid Majidi Movies

I don't know what's the state of main stream Iranian cinema, but what I know is Iranian director Majid Majidi's films are good, reminds me of Malayalam movies when they used to be good and were not trying to blindly ape Bollywood. Majidi is one of the younger crop of Iranian film directors, I guess, I haven't seen the films of his more famous predecessors. But I have seen two of Mr.Majidi's movies, 'Children of Heaven' and 'Baran'.

Children of Heaven is an unforgettable experience, its about two kids, brother and sister, and a lost pair of sneakers. The world of childhood, where we all had some secrets, kept well hidden from the eyes of adults has been successfuly portrayed in a heart rendering way. How kids set to undertake unachievabletasks, all by themselves,with only their sweet innocence and their bottomless faith in each other as their only aids, is remarkable. The camera work and direction is excellent. Its a must watch.

Baran, the second movie I saw was about two young people who fall in love, they must be teenagers. I wonder whether these two are part of any trilogy or something of Mr.Majidi's, because one has a story set in childhood, other has a story set in teenage, and maybe there are others that I haven't seen. Baran is also poignant and simple like the other movie, his way of story telling will keep people interested in one small incident in life, without a feeling of boredom. If you get a chance to watch any of his movies, don't waste it, thats all I can say.