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This blog started as a movie log way back in 2003. Neither Watson (the super computer) nor Holmes( Watson’s detective sidekick) was interested in maintaining a movie log so the responsibility fell on a nameless soul in arctic America.
If you feel like reading jokes about the above mentioned part of America, they are here.

For the sake of anonymity I hide under a fictional profile called Different Drummer (yet another one.) But please don't misunderstand that I am an authority on drums. I won't be able to tell a snare drum from a bass drum and the only drums I've ever owned are ear-drums. Nor am I any different from any of you, it is just a name.

About 30% of the movies I watch make it to these pages, the rest are gobbled up by my powerful Procrastinator machine. I try not to do spoilers as spoiling the fun is not my thing. Before doing the current Jack London-Alexander Supertramp gig in the white Northern wilderness I used to live in the warm humid tropics of India.

Movies are how I reconnect to reality(an outcome totally unintended by movie makers.) Hollywood movies inform me that far down south beyond the borders of my snow atlas the contiguous United States really does exist. Bollywood and regional Indian language movies re-establish it again and again that India remains more awe-inspiring than the most bizarre dream on the weirdest hallucinogenic trip Beatles ever had at Mahesh Yogi's retreat. 

In addition to a movie log this is also an experiment of sorts, to find out how long can an Anti Social Blog survive in today’s overly networked world. Facebook walls, Twitter #tags, Tumblr posts, Instagram pics or any other social media promotions have not been used or abused by this blog. It is just a tool to keep me writing. Some days I drum on the key board and posts appear here, some days I don't. If you wander by, welcome and enjoy your stay. If you drop a note or a comment it'll be reciprocated although it might be late (than never.) So long.

Yet another different drummer