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Oct 9, 2003

Hearts in Atlantis 

Hearts in Atlantis has some mysteries in it and some shades of supernatural. Anthony Hopkins plays the mysterious stranger who walks into the life of Bobby Garfield, an eleven year old boy and the two form a strong bond as the film progresses. Its something like Green Mile (yeah coming from Stephen King) but its not quite Green Mile. It doesn't have quite a strong story line as Green Mile, but what redeems it is its child characters and its setting - the never never land of childhood. If you like stories set in childhood (were you a fan of Wonder Years? then this one is for you), where the narrator has a manly voice although his screen self is a child, then you will like this one. But then I watch the Stephen King stuff for what they are....starts off with mysteries..sets out to explore what they are.....gets nowhere...except confuse the viewers.....we are left more dazed and confused, than when we started, the mysteries of life, universe and space time - maybe a Stephen King reincarnated will have better answers. Wait for that day!