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Oct 19, 2003

You Can Count On Me 

The bar tender from Los Angeles did it great. Mark Ruffalo, the leading man of the movie You Can Count On Me, spent the last nine years of his life as a bartender in LA before he hit gold in Hollywood. In the movie he's a vagabond brother, with no particular aim in life, to Laura Linney's character who is his sister working in a bank in a backwater town. Ruffalo with his easy going style and happy go lucky ways gives an excellent performance. The movie is also the debut vehicle for Rory Culkin as Linney's son. There isn't much of a story to the film and the director Kenneth Lonergan developed the whole movie out of a one act play, nevertheless its a poignant look at some ordinary lives in some ordinary small town somewhere in America and the interesting way it is delivered makes sure that its never uninteresting.