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Feb 14, 2004

Punch-Drunk Love 

What does punch-drunk mean? I thought it was like passing out drinking punch at some goofy school party. Then I read somewhere it meant taking a lot of punches on the head during a boxing match that the boxer will be in a delirious kind of state - thats what punch-drunk really means. Silly me. Saw Adam Sandler's Punch-Drunk love expecting the usual Sandler fare. But I was not counting on the director Paul Anderson, him of the offbeat Magnolia and Boogie Nights fame.

The movie is wrought with imagery, a thunderous car crash at the beginning of the movie which doesn't seem to have any immediate connection with film, an abandoned harmonium which Sandler's character adopts etc etc. The movie seems like an alternate-director's take on comedy and not a bad effort at that. The movie also has Emily Watson as Sandler's love interest. Once you get the hang of the imagery or if you are accomodating enought to accept the off-beat character of the movie, you realize it is interesting. I liked the movie and I think that there are not more than two ways of appreciating this film, either you like it or you don't.