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Mar 6, 2004

Vertical Ray of The Sun 

One look at this Vietnamese film and it feels like someone emptied a pail of mouthwash into the camera, its so fresh looking a film. With green, blue, turquoise as predominating shades its like living in an aquamarine world. I have to check whether the director Anh Hung Tran is an ad director or a camera man in his previous life, because the movie seemed like a long chain of ads stringed together. Photography was out of this world, at some point it is as if the whole reason of making this movie is to showcase the photography and the color scheme.

The story of the movie revolves around three sisters (Hannah and her sisters?) , their lives and their relationships with the men in their lives. Its kinda slow at times, to give depth to the artsy feel, I guess. Technically a very perfect film, I wish the director concentrated a li'l more on the story part though.