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Dec 28, 2004

Pulp Fiction

I can forgive Tarantino(not that it matters) for Kill Bill series just because he made Pulp Fiction. The movie is a classic, one of the all time greatest movies to come out of Hollywood ever - the man certainly deserves some respect. John Travolta and Samuel.L.Jackson are amazing in their roles, truly deserve the boost the film gave to their careers later on. But the coup de grace of this film is its dialog - a dream come true of a script writer.

The movie is so full of cinematic intrigues and hidden meanings that come to light only after second and third viewings, but is a new experience every time. Watch the movie from the collector's edition DVD, there is plenty of extra material, like the entire soundtrack(the movie revived interest in fifties/sixties music in US), deleted scenes and unlimited trivia. Hats off to Quentin Tarantino.