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Mar 2, 2005

Swimming Pool

French films or the films shot in France makes me a bit wary before watching it, most of them are too intellectual for my taste, I guess after all these years of movie watching, I still like the 'trashy' Hollywood.

Swimming Pool, directed by Francois Ozon didn't confirm to my idea of films shot in France. It is about an English mystery story writer who goes to her publisher's vacation house in France for some peace and quiet to start on her next novel. But her peace is shattered when the publisher's teenage daughter arrives to share the house with her. There is a lot of uncalled for nudity, maybe it is 'called for' to give it the French touch and with a sexy French girl around how could one expect anything else? But all in all it is an interesting story which ruffles its mystery and suspense feathers towards the end, not bad as I had expected.