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Apr 22, 2005

The Passion

I have liked Mel Gibson films for their crowd appeal, their gigantically populated landscapes and the raw emotion they can wrench out of the audience. Although I do not rank Passion anywhere near Braveheart, it is clear why Christianity is such an easily marketable religion. Afterall, all human hearts respond to pain and suffering or so I think.

Jim Caviezel is a good choice to play Christ. He looks good as historical figures, like his Count of Monte Cristo. Gibson has also amply used Italian(or Italian-Americans?) in the cast, most probably due to their physical likeness to early Jews, perhaps?

The film follows the events from Jesus's arrest to his crucifixion and one final shot of his resurrection. In a way it adds to the sin theory purported by Christians that all of humanity in one way or other is responsible for the inhuman punishment meted out to Christ and are thereby irredeemable sinners. Has to give it to Mel Gibson for artfully directing it as it is such a controversial theme and one about which everyone has opinions.