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May 10, 2005

Road to Ladakh

Road to Ladakh gives the feel of a short stretched to feature film length, not that it has lost any of its tautness in the process. From the Oscar nominated Indian documentary film maker Ashvin Kumar, Road to Ladakh stars Irrfan and Koel Purie in the main roles.

The stark and expansive landscape of Ladakh plays an important part in the movie. The length of the movie is very short by Indian standards, maybe that could be one of the reasons why the director decided to keep this movie under wraps and convert in to a Hollywood film. IMDb site says the production of the Hollywood version is underway which has Irrfan in the same role as he had played in the Indian version, but Koel Purie's role is being done by some American actress.

With money to spare and Indians becoming rich enough to afford the exotic Ladakh is fast becoming a hot spot, hope the roads will also improve. Coming back to the movie, Ashvin Kumar himself appears in one scene in the movie as the Indian army officer's driver. All in all, it is not a typical Indian movie, someone is trying to deviate the beaten path of high emotions and drama and venturing in to the rarefied realms of subtlety.