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Jan 7, 2006


Its a plot, you might toy on a lazy afternoon at the neighborhood cafe, thinking of what might be your big break into the world movies. Alas, somebody already turned it into a film and to your bad luck, it hoarded a number of awards from all over. Kukushka is that one film you failed to make, directed by Alexsandr Rogoshzkin, it tells the story of three people at the end of WW2.

The plot, ah..the plot...has three people speaking in three different tongues and not one of them knows what the other is saying, though it doesn't stop them from talking. The first one is a Finnish sniper, who was chained to a rock by his captors but manages to escape. The second character is a Russian soldier who was about to be condemned to death by the Russian secret police for writing poems, but also manages to escape. Both the soldiers, belonging to opposing fronts land under the care of a Lapp woman, Anni, somewhere in the Artic North of Finland. It is an engaging story, how three people who cannot understand each other verbally, support each other, how their common lives evolve thru' the comedies and tragedies. All in all, a good film.