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Dec 24, 2003

Late Marriage 

Israelis are certainly noisier than Americans but they are a lot less noisier than Punjabis or Greeks, thats what this Israeli movie, Late Marriage taught me. On the DVD cover I read the film being compared to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Monsoon Wedding. Although all three deal with the same subject of marriage and the family's need for the boy or the girl to find someone who'll fit in well with them, the Israeli movie lacks the tempo and exuberance of the Greek wedding or the Indian wedding.

Its about a 31 year old bachelor, named Zaza, who is pursuing his doctorate in humanities at Tel Aviv University and his family's plans on getting him settled with a nice girl of their choice. Meanwhile Zaza seems to have other ideas and is pursuing an affair with a divorcee who is elder to him by three years and also has a kid. Now you get the picture....the movie is about the whole extended family of Zaza plotting to trap him in an arranged marriage and what happens in the end is suspense, you better go watch the movie. It is different from the usual Hollywood mish-mash, but then that is expected of anything thats filmed outside Hollywood, right? Other than that, I don't think its much of a ground breaker or anything, its different, thats that.