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Aug 27, 2010

Karthik calling Karthik

Don't tell me Farhan Akhtar is not Karthik and that he is really a Bollywood actor called Farhan Akhtar. No way! Are you sure? Incredibly amazing transformation. Where is the "I like" button for Mr.Akhtar? Will anyone know if I press it more than once and rig his ratings chart?

Karthik Calling Karthik is a contemporary movie with faces to match. Oh, Bollywood I never thought you'd come this far from the cheesy melodramatic eighties and nineties. I am glad I was wrong. 

Keeping Farhan company is a sauve Deepika Padukone. I love the her makeup and clothes for this movie, very believable and real for a young architect in a corporate Indian office. Her acting, just where it should be. Despite their height difference they make a nice screen couple.

 To me the trump card of this movie other than the perfectly cast hero is the story and screenplay. I googled to find out whether it was lifted out of some unknown Philippino or Thai flick, couldn't find any leads. I read people comparing it to Phone Booth! Yeah, Titanic was a remake of the biblical Noah's Ark since both involved ships, get a life. Vijay Lalwani's story is enigmatically original(at least for me I have not seen it anywhere else) and it seamlessly fits into the current professional and personal life of a young, emerging India. The script is noticeable by the absence of cliched scenes, direction by Lalwani(again) is slick, there are some nice songs and of course, a part of the movie is shot in Kerala(the icing on the cake for me) and the director has restrained himself from adding the prototypical South Indian with his 'madrasi' accent. Well done Lalwani, Akhtar, Deepika and the team. My rating: Cool