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Jan 14, 2011

Apoorva Ragam

Something that was personally 'apoorvam' (apoorvam = "out of the ordinary", "strange") for me while watching this movie was its ability to keep me hooked. It started out as a college romance and to its merit I should say it didn't deteriorate to become just another college romance movie. When it was about to reach that stage interesting things began to happen which kept me riveted on my place before the screen.

Young faces are a treat to watch - Nithya Menon, Nishan Naniah and Asif Ali play the main characters. Script is not bad, heard that it was written by newcomers, if so then it is good for it had all the making of being a run-of-the-mill story, but it didn't, thanks to the director and script writer(s).Speaking of which, I don't know how I could've been oblivious to a Malayalam movie titan like Sibi Malayil for this long that I do not have a label in this blog for him. The maker of all those big hits like Kireedam, Dasaratham, Mutharam Kunnu P.O, Kamaladalam etc and  I didn't even acknowledge him in this measly blog, too bad. Today I stand rectified.

Apoorva Ragam is definitely an interesting movie to watch. I approached it without expectations and was rewarded, maybe that'll work for you too.



True,me too didnt expect tht it wud turn out to be an unususal coll romance wich mak d movie stand apart.newcomers though wasnt mind blowing made an above par perfomance ....Sibi malayil in the recent past was tryn to stabilize is foot in our small seems tht finally wind starts blowing his side .......still,he gt 2 grow back 2 his old standard...Wishing him Good Luck..
this movie ws shot in the coll near ma house......:)

Btw, well written blog....wonder y little traffic in here...Keep d good work coming..
u r in d verge on earning a fan .....thts ME :d

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