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Oct 31, 2006

Goodnight, and Goodluck

From the elder statesman of the United States and the one man opposition of the current Republican party, George Clooney, comes the film about the fifties newsman Ed Murrow's face-off with Senator Joseph McCarthy. Clooney's directorial venture takes up a story(real) that's highly relevant to the post 9-11 political climate of the US. The entire narrative is shot in black n white rendering it sober and serious.

In the age of Fox News, it is seems surrealistic that American media had a past where newscasters spoke out against the elected representatives who refused constituional rights of citizens in the name of fake charges and mock trials.David Strathairn plays Murrow and Clooney plays his affable producer, Fred Friendly. Clooney and Strathairn in the film.

All of the footages of Senator McCarthy are from actual archival tapes, which elimnates the need for any actor to play the Senator. A film about a time when journalists really reported the truth to the public, not fabricated disinfected fiction doled out by those in power. Kudos to Clooney.