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Sep 18, 2009

Tell No One (Ner Le Dis A Personne)

Tell No One is a film French imported from America. Adapted from US mystery/thriller writer Harlan Coban's 2001 novel of the same name, Tell No One won four Cesar awards in 2007. It is an interesting thriller where Dr.David Beck, a dermatalogist is wrongly accused of murder and is on the run. The similarity with Fugitive ends there. Tell No One has more layers of intrigue than straight as an arrow Harrison Ford starrer.

My gripe with French movies is their emotional eloquence that makes most of them a dissective study of human relationships. This movie thankfully doesn't  fall into that trap, although it does have the standard nude swimming scene which is prerequisite for French movies. It is an interesting movie to watch, humane yet suspenseful. One thing I noticed about movies in any language is that to make the movie more beguiling, its sound track has music in some foreign language at key scenes. If the film is in English, it is usually the seductive Spanish salsa or the throaty whisper of a French tune. Since this is a French film, English songs get to do the honors. A good movie from director Guillaume Canet.