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Feb 22, 2010

My Wife's Murder

A movie that has been lying in the to-be-watched pile for years finally gets moksha. My Wife's Murder has been there for around half a decade, waiting to be viewed, somehow I never picked it up. I knew it'd be a decent film, the cast and the unusual name guarenteed that. It didn't disappoint.

I've always wondered why Anil Kapoor doesn't do so much posturing like Aamir Khan claiming how great an actor he is. Infact I found Anil Kapoor's acting exceptional in this movie, as a middle-class family man, video-editor trapped in a murder case, of his own wife. Everyone, from Suchitra Krishnamoorty who has the title role albeit a miniscule one to Nandana Sen, Boman Irani and the rest of the supporting cast, has done well. As a debut director Jijy Philip also does a good job, kudos to RGV Film Company supporting upcoming young directors.