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Jul 19, 2010

La Misma Luna (English title: Under the Same Moon)

It is the ideal mother's day movie, it is my kind of chick flick, it's what the doctor will prescribe when you need a dose of the best medicine to reinstate your faith in humanity,  it's a movie that makes a statement - a very relevant one in the light of United States Govt vs The State of Arizona over the controversial SB1070, it is a fail-safe formulaic movie - the hard working immigrants, families separated by borders, visas and passports, an angel of a kid who'll steal all your hearts with his eyes and his smile and it is not just me who is bowled over by this movie. La Misma Luna had highest opening weekend for any Mexican film for all of 2007.

The boy who plays Carlitos, Adrian Alonso is a perfect catch. Once an actor for this role has been cast the fate of the movie is almost sealed, either he will steal the show or drag it down the drains. Adrian Alonso doesn't just sell the movie to you, he's a pirate of the hearts, making the audience root for the boy with their smiles and tears.

The characters whom he meet on the road, although most of them have only small parts, are remarkable and well developed within the small time frame each of them has been allotted to. Written by Ligiah Villalobos and directed by Patricia Riggen , most of the movie was filmed in Mexico, even the many locations depicted as the US of A(like the US-Mexico border crossing, towns in Arizona etc.) It is a modern day fairytale,with its guaranteed happy ending.