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Jul 27, 2010


Summertime has Katherine Hepburn as a vacationing spinster in Venice. To me it was charming to see Venice of the 1950s, in the company of Ms.Hepburn as lonely Ms.Jane Hudson. She wonderfully emotes the loneliness, despair and craving for human company while on her dream vacation in the middle of a crowded and colorful city. Venice was all gondolas, piazzas, canals, architecture and alleys then(maybe more so then) as it is now. In the midst of her forlorn vacation(it is never portrayed as such but the heroine's emotions and her conversation convey this idea to the viewer) she meets a Prince Charming(Rossano Brazzi). But as human as the story is Prince Charming's presence in the story is transient and not very fairy-tale-ish. Rossano Brazzi oozes with Italian charm and fits the role perfectly. I loved the ending of the film, so un-cinematic. It is film that has to be ruminated rather than watched, I liked it all the same.