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Dec 4, 2010


Comic book lovers will love this movie. But they are such a marginal section of the population that they alone cannot be trusted to make a movie profitable. If you like movies that kick ass, not with the help of extra-ordinary super heroes but someone from your own high school or your boring work place where you wouldn't suspect in the next cubicle resides a masked super-hero(his night job, of course) then this movie is your type.

Aaron Johnson, Chloƫ Grace Moretz and a very 'mature' Nicholas Cage pushes the envelope for super heroes in an ordinary world. Directed by Matthew Vaughn it is an off-the-rocker entertainer that you wouldn't want to miss if you walk a bit apart from the crowd.



watched it and loved it, had never heard of it...thnx drummer for recommending it, and merry x-mas....:-)

Hope you had a merry Xmas and wish you a happy new year. I didn't think people would be reading this blog to take my recommendations. Anyway glad to be of help, Deekay.