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Dec 2, 2010


It is 2003 and Mohanlal is middle aged and is a Brahmachari. You wish! Well, this is about Thulasidas movie Mr.Brahmachari, where Mohanlal plays the Hanuman worshipping main character in an effort to make a come-back with more down to earth roles. Ananthan Thampi alias Mr.Brahmachari does get the short end of the stick many a time, but it is hard to exorcise the ghost of a super star completely and therefore Lal doesn't make a full touch-down as an ordinary man. Yet movie does have some funny moments at the expense of Mohanlal. Nedumudi Venu, Kaviyoor Ponnamma(if there is a mother role required in a Mohanlal film, only Kaviyoor Ponnamma has the physical stature to be Lal's mom and is chosen by default), K.R.Vijaya, Meena, Jagathi, Jagdish, Prem Kumar and Vijaya Kumar make up the supporting cast.