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Feb 5, 2011

The Social Network

You are not on Facebook? You are kidding, right? No? Of course, you live in Brazil then. No? You mean to say you are not a flickering dot on the virtual social network that wraps around the planet million times over and can stretch all the way across to Alpha Centauri and back? Then this movie is not for you. If you believe in parallel universes and login into one called Facebook multiple times a day then you must have already watched this movie by now and must be singing praises of it, then you shouldn't read further. Stop, go back to your facebook page, check if anybody made any updates during the time you wasted reading this post so far. Others read on.

Social Network is a well-made movie. The actors are good, they fit into the movie like parts of a Swiss watch. My bouquet stops here. It is very documentary-ish, but the word on the street it is far-removed from reality of the real Facebook story although the characters and the general flow of events are similar. If you are not in the US of A, this movie might not mean sh#@#t  to you, it is a very American movie, very Silicon-valley, start-up saga.The people who will like, identify with this movie will be in the 20-35 age group, preferably tech savy, Gen Y or the Millenials. My gripe with the movie, there are no tech-savy girls, it looks as if boys do all the coding and the cool stuff, when girls are shown as mindless idiots who light up fires with silk scarves or take off their shirts so that others can snort coke off their belly button.

I still believe it is a good movie for a very specific group of audience. If you belong to that group, you'll think this movie is the best thing to come out in 2010, otherwise....whatevah.