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Mar 15, 2011

Best of Luck

Best of Luck is a dare, a provocation in the name of film to make you watch the insufferable movie. To add insult to the injury they throw in a taunt as the title which could only be translated as a meaningless good luck wish to anyone who’ll attempt to watch it.

The only person who has acted halfway decent in this movie is Prabhu, mostly because he is kind of playing himself – a vast, jovial, big-hearted Tamilian big brother.  The most unbearable actor Razzie award of the year goes to Urvashi.  She is attempting to do a Suraj in a movie that already has an overload of Suraj, that too in ill-fitting, incredulous costumes and a Nedumangad dialect which has seen much wear.  

The main actors also do their fair share of over-acting. Kailash, Asif Ali, Archana Kavi and Rima Kallingal perform like there is no tomorrow. After this movie, I for one, am doubtful about their tomorrows in this field.  I cannot believe these were the same actors we saw in films like Rithu and Neelathamara, which makes me want to point my finger of blame at the director, M.A.Nishad. Is this his first attempt at comedy? If so, it’ll be better for all concerned if he sticks to more serious subjects like his first film, Pakal which was in fact bearable, even good for a first-timer.  Less said the better, let me not waste any more of my precious web page real estate on this movie.