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May 21, 2006

Dersu Uzala

(Repost, watched May 2004)This is my first Kurasowa movie. I had a presumption that Kurasowa movies were always about Samurais, since they didn't interest me much I stayed clear of Kurasowa. But Darsu Uzala has made me want to see more of the creations of this great film maker, Akira Kurasowa. I don't know whether Kurasowa has directed many Russian movies, but Darsu Uzala is Russian and tells the story of a Siberian hunter and his friendship with a Russian military engineer/surveyor who comes exploring a nook of Siberia.

The vast expanse of Siberian tundra, so very reminiscent of Alaska, where we are now has given the movie an added charm from our perspective. Darsu is a simple man, with the sharp senses of a hunter who can read from the footmarks on the mud whether the traveller who passed by before him was young or old, his profession and charecteristics. The Russian milirary engineer who comes to survey the area, accidently meets Darsu and strikes up friendship with him taking him as their guide, the story progresses from there. It is a film written in verse about human friendships, our natures, our relationship with mother nature and ofcourse the stark beauty of the landscape and Darsu Uzala is our guide in this journey of revelation.