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Sep 16, 2006

AIFF 2006: Viva Cuba

Viva Cuba is a magical roadtrip undertaken by two eleven year olds - a girl and a boy, a journey that unfolds against the vibrant and colorful backdrop of Cuba. The film starts in the urban alleys of Havana with its grand and decadent architecture and Communist posters as the two protagonists enjoy a blissful childhood friendship despite their class differences (the boy comes from a family that proclaims to welcome Fidel with open arms, wheras the girl's family declares their love for religion.) When the girl's mother announces her intentions to move from Cuba, the two friends flee their impending separation and their quarreling families in search of her estranged father who'll help her stay on in Cuba. What follows is a modern day fairytale, much akin to the Wizard of Oz, peppered with characters similar to the wicked witch, helpful Samaritan and incredible landscapes. A perfectly PG film from director Juan Carlos Cremata, with great performances from the child artists.