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Jan 10, 2008

The Curse of the Black Pearl

Jack Sparrow couldn't have been so endearing if it was someone else and not Johnny Depp who played the part. I am not a big fan of Johnny Depp, but Captain Jack Sparrow is one hell of a pirate. Looks like Disney had the old trick of two birds with one shot in mind when it made the Pirates movie. Increased revenue from the already existing Pirates of the Caribbean theme park and revenue from the movie.

The first Pirates of the Caribbean theme park was opened in Disneyland(Anaheim,CA) in 1967 - the last attraction that Walt Disney himself oversaw. The refurbished Pirates theme park(after the second movie in the series Dead Man's Chest) features many of movies prominent figures includingJack Sparrow and Capt.Barbossa.

The movie has some really quirky dialogs, delivered by Sparrow or Barbossa. Entertaining to say the least, Keira Knightely provides the feminine power and deservedly, the latest in the series - Pirates of Caribbean: At World's End won the People's Choice awards last weekend.