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Jun 2, 2004

Bitter Sugar

It is the story two young people, Gustavo and Yolanda, bursting with dreams in the communist Cuba. Gustavo is an idealist, who believes in the revolution, in the good that it can bring, whereas Yolanda is suppressed by the suffocating atmosphere around her brought about by the system. And then, they fall in love.

The movie by Leon Ichaso is shot entirely in black and white maybe to accentuate the funlessness in Cuban life. But I wish they had shot it in color, it'd have been more vivid(maybe thats exaclty what the director didn't want) and more informative. It gives a real and glaring picture of hopes and dreams being destroyed in the contemporary Cuba and how every Cuban aspires at least at some point in life to be in that dangerous raft heading towards Miami. Beautiful and thought provoking movie.