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Oct 13, 2006


Long time back, sometime in the prehistory when I was in primary school I was a voracious reader of.., now comes the important part, "Ma" magazines in Malayalam. 'Ma' magazines that published serialized equivalents of Mills and Boons type novels and had huge readership across Kerala. I quit this juicy reading habit three of four years in to it when I got bored of similar stories in differnt guises. Sreekrishnaparunth(or Kite - the bird) was a serialized novel, if I am right, which used to come in Manorajyam, one of the leading Malayalam weeklies at the time. It was quite an enthralling read beacuse it had scandal, voodoo, sex, gore and all the other masala wrapped up in a seemingly historical plot.

Mohanlal, who plays the main role of the magician/healer in the film along with other actors

The story takes place in a Kerala Namboothiri tharavad(Brahmin household), the patriarch of the family are magician/healer/shaman. Mohanlal, plays the lead role of Kumaran, the next head of the family but at present a local Casanova of sorts. Sreekrishnaparunth a.k.a the Kite is the family diety which protects the family and the master shaman from evil powers thus the title of the movie.

The movie starts off with a disjointed narrative without much character development, stories and people cropping up as it unfolds. It seems like it has been lifted straight off the novel and made in to a film sans a coherent script. For me it felt like reading a comic book with human characters come to life.