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Jan 27, 2011

Hot Fuzz

Action and comedy (of the British kind, non-slapstick) in an exhilarating package - that's Hot Fuzz. My needs are simple, I like movies that provide entertainment value while keeping me hooked , Hot Fuzz fulfills those needs.

A super cop from London is transferred (demoted?) to a placid village where there has been no crime for the last twenty(? not sure) years. Look at the picture on the right, if that doesn't say 'bad-ass', what would?  Simon Pegg(the guy on the right) and Nick Frost(the chubby guy) rock the sleepy village of Sandford in the climax of this movie. It is the second one in the series of  Blood and Icecream Trilogy also known as the Three Flavors of Cornetto trilogy.

The team of three, Edgar Wright - the director, Simon Pegg(actor and writer) and Nick Frost are the perpetrators of the ice cream trilogy. The first movie in the series was the super hit zombie thriller comedy Shaun of the Dead. After watching the first two, I cannot wait for the third one - The World's End.

If you haven't watched Hot Fuzz, it is a good buddy movie, to be enjoyed with your friends on a Saturday night maybe. It is like that upbeat song you'd sing aloud in the car at the top of you voice and maybe if you have a crazy buddy to join you in your private concert, it'll be all the more fun.